Ready to figure out your next step for career success using this simple but powerful kick-start strategy?

Figuring out your next career step is not as simple as we want it to be right?

All too often our brains easily become consumed with multiple thoughts to consider and as a result, we end up back where we started and no closer to choosing what is next for us.

The key to figuring out your next step and where to start is to pinpoint the thoughts that are most important and relevant for your decision-making.

This is where I come in…

I have strategically selected 3 Journal Prompts that are simple but powerful to kick-start this process of pinpointing the right thoughts for you today.

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Curious if these 3 Journal Prompts are for you?

I invite you to take a look at the below images and ask yourself if you resonate with any or maybe all of these…

Some of the common factors that tend to delay and sometimes stop the decision-making process are:

  • Family commitments – you need and want to spend time with your kids and partner
  • Personal commitments – you also want time just for you
  • Financial reasons – you also can’t afford to not have a steady income coming in, so the next step needs to make financial sense too
  • Professional reasons – you have worked incredibly hard to achieve and get to where you are today and you aren’t ready to stop so this next step must be a forward step, not a sideways or backward step.

Sound familiar?

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By registering you are taking a simple but powerful step towards gaining the key insights (ie. clarity) that you need to figure out your next step for career success.

P.S Remember, you can continue to spend countless hours trawling job sites to find inspiration or asking friends and family what they think is best for you OR you can ask the person that knows best, that’s you.

Meet Caryn White

Meet Caryn White

Certified Coach | Mentor | CPA

“I envision a world where we wake up every day feeling we belong, feeling we are loved & knowing we have a voice”

I empower corporate women to navigate the next step in their career success. Conquer self-doubt, quieten their inner critic & effectively manage their stress levels through this transition.