Here’s my professional truth…

I am a passionate, purpose driven certified coach for women like you who want to wake up everyday absolutely loving who you are, what you are doing but also believing that you deserve to live your life with passion, purpose and C.A.L.M (Clarity, Awareness, Leadership, Money) vs C.H.A.O.S (Controlling, Hard, Afraid, Overwhelmed, Stressed)

I will never apologise for wanting to encourage women to rediscover their passion and purpose in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond, to choose to make a change in their life from feeling stuck, unfulfilled and close to burn out because they know this is not what they are meant to be doing.

There are many who will say it is too late in life, you should be happy with what you have, you aren’t qualified, you don’t have any experience, don’t be selfish!

I want to call out these “doubters” for projecting their own limitations and beliefs on you. There is a reason you landed on this page right now, because you are ready for this to happen now, and the world needs more women like you to show up for themselves and create their own legacy, their way.

I didn’t step away from a successful corporate career spanning over more than two decades because I burned out, I stepped away because even when I reached the senior leadership level, deep down, I felt empty and unhappy.

“The realisation hit me that I was living someone else’s definition of success, not my own. and if I didn’t make changes now this feeling would eventually destroy me from the inside.”

I saw it in family, friends and colleagues and I could feel I wasn’t far from this point myself. I made a choice. I was sh&% scared, I was second guessing myself all the time, but … even to this day I can remember that feeling I had deep inside, subtle and quiet, but a feeling that this was just right. I cannot explain it any more than that. I just knew this felt right.

Since 2021 I have witnessed the transformation of clients from:

  • “Red flags” everywhere indicating that they are close to burnout to discovering the root cause driving these behaviours to learning new habits to allow them to let go of this feeling of chaos indefinitely.
  • Wanting to escape life to embracing and enjoying being in the moment with immense gratitude
  • Severe self doubt in their abilities to a newfound self confidence with no evidence of the imposter that previously dominated their thoughts
  • Being known by friends and family as blowing up to being asked by the same people “how are you so calm, what happened?”
  • From being stuck in the mindset of “I will never find the right job” to “I know exactly what I want and I now have a job offer on the table”

What happened you may ask?

They made a conscious choice to find support, at the point they connected with me, their pathway began to clear. It took focus, reflection, courage, commitment and vulnerability (to name a few) to achieve these results. I am grateful to have been able to support each and every client on their journey, this is my passion and purpose, to be of service to others so they too can discover theirs with a newfound sense of Calm.


Kia ora (hello). Now here’s my personal truth.

It took me 17 years to complete my degree & CPA (Certified Practising Accountant), and when I did I didn’t actually need it anymore for my career

know, this is procrastination to another level. I left New Zealand in 2003 with 1 final paper to complete on my Bachelor in Business Studies – Accounting, I had every intention to complete it within the next 12 months. But life happened, marriage, kids, work, fun, other study. When 10 years passed I was too afraid to even find out whether I could still graduate. My number 1 thought was, “I would rather not know than be told no”. It was through a lot of self-discovery and coaching that I was able to acknowledge and let go of my fears. The result after a further 9 months was successfully graduating. Ironically I was no longer in a corporate role.

Up until I was 46 I honestly hated public speaking and believed I was terrible at it

still have a memory (that I often share with my kids) of teenage me standing in front of my class doing a required speech, sweaty hands, my face on fire and in the couple of times I actually looked up from my cards, I can still see my friends in the class using hand gestures to tell me to slow down. I was a speed reader, the faster I spoke the sooner it would be over. This was one of the fears I wanted to overcome on my growth journey. It was my young mentee in China that inspired me through her own actions to put my name forward. I volunteered as a guest speaker at her University symposium in China in 2021 to present in front of 30+ university students with a translator. I loved it.

All through my school years I would avoid reading, coming up with creative ways to pretend I had completed the required reading. Unless the books were absolutely necessary or a comic book I wasn’t interested.

Now I consume books daily – fiction, non-fiction, it is literally one of my most favourite hobbies.

Pascall marshmallows (only available in Australia & New Zealand I believe) and sweetened condensed milk are my all time favourite sweet things.

You may think, okay sure everyone has their favourite snacks, but did you get a can of condensed milk on your 21st birthday as a gift? I did.

If you’ve read this far you deserve a gift

You’ve learned a little bit about my journey, now I want to help you start yours…